BFX Competition: Making of The Water Babies

Concept art:

These initial designs and concepts were useful in creating an overall look, shot lighting, and colour pallet as well as style and brush work.


lobster after dark2


meeting the lobster

Character Designs:

Lobster Design:


Tom Designs:

Tom with scales

Tom Gill Design:

Tom Designs

Character Sheets:

Tom Modle Sheet


Project Proposal Pitch Film:

This is the Project Proposal Film send to the BFX form which we were shortlisted to enter the competition. There we outlined the overall idea and possible methodology to achieve a stylised underwater environment.

Character Turn Table:

To create a watercolour feel to the overall piece, as the texture artist I wanted to incorporate as much traditional watercolour to the textures. To achieve this, especially with the texture of the Lobster, I printed out the Texture UVs and painted the textures in 2D before scanning them to be edited in Photoshop and Mudbox.

Matte Paintings:

These Matte paintings were painted on watercolour paper and then scanned, edited and alpha channels added where needed. They where then projected onto geometry in Nuke during the compositing.

Cave copy

Ridge copy

Anchor with background copy


The Water Babies Break Down:

Break down showing the compositing, modelling, character turn tables and Rig break down.

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