I am a Freelancing Animator and Artist working on a variety of Promotional shorts and Branding videos, as well as a few experimental pieces of my own.

My greatest passion is to tell stories using a mix of the old fashioned pencil and paper and the ever growing landscape of the digital world.

From an traditional fine art background I love to incorporate and experiment with tradiditionla media and bring these skills into the digital realm. Fient Productions Animated Logo used hand drawn animate textures in a 3D software to create a more traditional hand drawn look and animated short inspired by Charles Kingsley ‘The Water Babies‘ ( for the BFX Compeition) using water colour textures and matte paintings.

I also draw a lot of my inspiration form traditional fairy tales and myths and legends, and characters of day to day life, while incorporating my own personal styles and twists. More made and crazy work will be coming soon so watch this space!

For more information click to view my LinkedIn Profile:  View Rebecca Meilak's LinkedIn profileView Rebecca Meilak’s profile

Thank you and Enjoy!




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