Bournemouth BFX Competition: The Water Babies

The Water Babies by Level 2

Winner for the Best Achievement Overall Category

The Bournemouth BFX Competition is a 6 week competition between 10 shortlisted teams at Bournemouth University to create 15-30s sequence based on one of five selected passages. I directed a team of first year animators to create a 30s CG animation based on the children’s story of The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley.

To keep with the children’s story I wanted to create a short which felt like a moving illustration. The style aimed for was a richly textured moving painting, with a simple but immersive atmosphere. This was achieved by using hand painted watercolour matte paintings and textures which were then scanned and further manipulated in the computer.

Level 2 Team:

Rebecca Meilak (Director, Concept Art, Texture, Effects, Matte Painting)

Matthew Margerison (Production, Animation, Editing)

Alister Chowdhury (Look Devepolment, Rendering, Compositing)

Ashley Gin-Sing (Rigging, Animation, Rendering, Storyboarding)

Edgar Jardin (Modeling, Animation, Texturing)

For more on this animation was made please click on the following link:

BFX Competition: Making of the Water Babies

For more on the competition please click on the following link:

BFX Competition Finalist 2013



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